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WorldNuqumorityToken is a WorldNuqumorityTransporters (WNT) project to support and reconstruct the effects of natural disaters all around the world.



WorldNuqumorityTransporters (WNT) is a project to support and reconstruct the effects of natural disaters all around the world. We will start building the donation function, develop disarter's support foundation, funds for support the affected areas,coorperate with the goverment to open local agencies in future. we are looking forward to contribute the society

and.. We aim to contribute to society by improving the safety of company's product management by providing unique functions by DAG system, reducing corporate brand image by inflow of replication, protect consumers protecting from illegal copies and use I will.


WNT support network system

The WNT support network is a system that allows participants to support assistance applicants through WNT.
Those who wish to support can post to the WNT support network by registering from the application form on the official website.
※Several conditions are set for registration.
Participants will provide the desired support based on the registered information.


We will create a smooth flow of support by WNT by using our own development system to support disaster reconstruction assistance and other support applicants more easily


  • Disaster reconstruction
    By distributing the disaster situation by our own disaster information platform You can grasp and immediately transfer to the afflicted area with remittance technology usingthe characteristics of the virtual currency We aim to develop a system that can support.
  • Extensive support
    WNT not only supports disaster reconstruction assistance but also actively supports support for animals that support the lives of physically handicapped people such as guide dogs, care dogs, hearing dog assisting dogs, and support for the field of education I will work on it. I am convinced that our lives will be richer and more happy by creating a system that can support in various scenes like this
  • Item Code
    WNT is developing a system using DAG. In the DAG system under development, it has a revolutionary function called "Item Code " Using this "ItemCode", companies can manage their products safely and smoothly. aIn other words, since the safety of product management is kept, it is possible to prevent the brand image of the company from deteriorating due to the influx of replication
  • World Nuqumority
    Even if the remittance technology of virtual currency is superior, the system of accepting support will be current But it is not in place yet. We are going to be able to use WNT in everyday life By expanding public relations activities to institutions, companies and private organizations, by raising awareness, everyone Aims to create a society where people can easily exchange "warmth".

World Nuqumority Transporters TEAM

    Tuskasa Fukumoto
    Masaki Kobayashi
  • CTO
  • CIO

Our Roadmap

  • July and August 2018

    Issuing a token

    Preliminary Free Distribution

  • September 2018

    Improve WNT's name recognition

    WNT support network development development started

    Publish WHITEPAPER

  • October to December 2018

    Implementation of Presales


    Improve WNT name recognition and value

    Start development of original currency

  • January to April 2019

    Listing on overseas exchanges

    WNT support network operation started

    Notification of WNT to support organizations

    Listing on multiple overseas exchanges

    Start test operation of original currency

    Swap to proprietary currency

    Test operation of original function "Item Code" started

  • May~ 2019

    To enhance WNT's brand recognition and enhance liquidity Overseas Marketing

    Listing on major overseas exchanges

    Started operation of original code "Item Code"

    Development of disaster information platform started

    Construction of infrastructure to realize support using WNT

    Collaboration with government agencies

    Improvement of functions of disaster information system · WNT support network


  • WNT Allocation

    • Operated sales number2.9%

      We will sell at the time of listing overseas exchanges.

    • Presale0.475%

      Three pre-sale will be held. It will be allocated to exchanges listing funds, corporateization expenses.

    • Air Drop2.35%

      For improving WNT awareness, we will allocate it for air drop events and advertising expenses.

    • Operation lockup83.975%

      We will use it for management, development team's remuneration etc.

    • Assistance lockup10%

      We will lock up as disaster reconstruction support expenses. It will be used as support money depending on the situation of emergency.

    • others0.3%

      Lock up to DAG currency swap


  • Official Goods
  • Exchange
  • Partner