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World Nuqumority Transporters (WNT), using DAG technology
It is a virtual currency for disaster recovery support and donations.



World Nuqumority Transporters are cryptographic assets to support disaster recovery and donations. We will develop a donation function that realizes smooth support to the disaster area, develop a disaster information platform, and a unique currency, and aim to cooperate with government agencies and build an infrastructure in the future.


Mechanism of WNT Support Network

The WNT Support Network is a system that enables participants to support WMT participants. Support applicants can post to the WNT support network by registering from the application form on the official website, and participants can refer to the registered information and perform the desired support.


At the time of disaster occurrence, we can confirm the disaster situation promptly, distribute the situation, develop "disaster information platform" that can provide support according to the situation immediately, we can support the information posted by the participants at any time We will develop the "WNT support network". And we will develop public relations activities for government agencies, companies and private organizations so that more support applicants can participate.


  • Disaster Reconstruction
    We aim to develop a system that can immediately support the disaster area after distributing the situation of the disaster area quickly and accurately and understanding the situation. In order to realize this immediacy, we use remittance technology that makes use of the characteristics of cryptographic assets. In addition, we plan to evolve it into an easier-to-use and functional system, with additional functions according to your needs.
  • Extensive Support
    WNT actively works not only for disaster recovery support but also for the support of animals that support the lives of physically handicapped people such as guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs, and support for the field of education. We are convinced that creating a system that can be supported by WNT in various scenes will make our lives richer and happier.
  • Item Code
    WNT is developing a system using DAG and plans to incorporate an innovative feature called "Item Code". This "ItemCode" enables companies to manage their products safely and smoothly. Because it is processing within the DAG system, the possibility of tampering with data is extremely low. In other words, the security of product management is maintained, and it is possible to prevent the decline in corporate brand image caused by the influx of replication.
  • World Nuqumority
    No matter how good the virtual currency remittance technology is, there is currently no system in place to accept support. We develop public relations activities to government agencies, companies, and private organizations so that we can use WNT in our daily lives, and by raising awareness, we will create a society where everyone can easily exchange "kindness" The goal is to



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