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WNT Objectives and Activities

I will deliver kindness to you...

With the development of communication technology, money and messages can be sent easily. But, when someone is in trouble, many people have resistance to sending money to donations and support. An organization that ollects money fraudulently.Remittance takes time and many fees. Some say that donations and support are hypocritical.There are many other reasons, but these problems are cited. For that reason, some people can not take actions even if they want to help someone World Nuqumority Transporters (WNT) sends your good will with the transparency of the DAG system and a faster money transfer system It is easy to say that the act of helping someone is hypocrisy self-satisfaction. But reaching out to a person who is in trouble is just as easy

Our approach to the future

WNT, which uses DAG technology, is a cryptographic asset to support disaster recovery.And it is a cryptographic asset to support various donations. We will develop a disaster information platform with a donation function that realizes smooth support to the disaster area, and aim to disseminate WNT payments so that we can procure supplies without having cash on hand.

WNT activities

World Nuqumority Transporters is committed to supporting disaster recovery, supporting various things and animals that support our lives, education, and supporting children who will be responsible for the future. First, we are expanding the WNT support network as one of the activities. To post various groups seeking support on the WNT Support Network, to inform World Nuqumority Transporters participants, raise donations by WNT, and provide a system that allows anyone to easily send support and support messages. Plays a role in connecting support applicants and participants. We want to develop not only the Internet but also activities closely linked to the support group, and we are planning the activities we can do about the childcare support mentioned above.

To create a connection between peopleProviding a system that can easily support

Platform development

World Nuqumority Transporters offers activities that emphasize people-to-people connections. As one of its activities, we are expanding the WNT support network. In addition to disseminating information to World Nuqumority Transporters participants by posting the groups requesting support on the WNT Support Network, and by collecting donations by World Nuqumority Transporters (WNT), support is provided by providing a system that anyone can easily support. It plays the role of connecting the candidate and the participant.   World Nuqumority Transporters collects information at the time of disaster occurrence, distributes the disaster situation, and develops a disaster information platform that enables support depending on the situation. We will post disaster recovery support on the WNT support network introduced in the previous section, and will also promote PR activities to government agencies, companies and private organizations in order to attract more participants.