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Necessity of DAG (Directed acyclic graph)

The ability to send money to affected areas in an instant and to have a cheap transfer fee is an essential element of the World Nuqumority Transporters project. For this reason, we formed a technical partnership with KIZUNA GLOBAL lnc., The first company in Japan that operates DAG technology and implemented DAG technology, and introduced DAG. The DAG technology introduced by World Nuqumority Transporters is based on Byteballs and KIZUNA coin.

DAG(Directed acyclic graph)

DAG(Directed acyclic graph)images

In mathematics and computer science, a directed acyclic graph (DAG), is a finite directed graph with no directed cycles. That is, it consists of finitely many vertices and edges, with each edge directed from one vertex to another, such that there is no way to start at any vertex v and follow a consistently-directed sequence of edges that eventually loops back to v again. Equivalently, a DAG is a directed graph that has a topological ordering, a sequence of the vertices such that every edge is directed from earlier to later in the sequence. DAGs can model many different kinds of information. A spreadsheet can be modeled as a DAG, with a vertex for each cell and an edge whenever the formula in one cell uses the value from another; a topological ordering of this DAG can be used to update all cell values when the spreadsheet is changed. Similarly, topological orderings of DAGs can be used to order the compilation operations in a makefile. The program evaluation and review technique use DAGs to model the milestones and activities of large human projects, and schedule these projects to use as little total time as possible. Combinational logic blocks in electronic circuit design, and the operations in dataflow programming languages, involve acyclic networks of processing elements. DAGs can also represent collections of events and their influence on each other, either in a probabilistic structure such as a Bayesian network or as a record of historical data such as family trees or the version histories of distributed revision control systems. DAGs can also be used as a compact representation of sequence data, such as the directed acyclic word graph representation of a collection of strings, or the binary decision diagram representation of sequences of binary choices. More abstractly, the reachability relation in a DAG forms a partial order, and any finite partial order may be represented by a DAG using reachability. Important polynomial time computational problems on DAGs include topological sorting (finding a topological ordering), construction of the transitive closure and transitive reduction (the largest and smallest DAGs with the same reachability relation, respectively), and the closure problem, in which the goal is to find a minimum-weight subset of vertices with no edges connecting them to the rest of the graph. Transforming a directed graph with cycles into a DAG by deleting as few vertices or edges as possible (the feedback vertex set and feedback edge set problem, respectively) is NP-hard, but any directed graph can be made into a DAG (its condensation) by contracting each strongly connected component into a single supervertex. The problems of finding shortest paths and longest paths can be solved on DAGs in linear time, in contrast to arbitrary graphs for which shortest path algorithms are slower and longest path problems are NP-hard. The corresponding concept for undirected graphs is a forest, an undirected graph without cycles. Choosing an orientation for a forest produces a special kind of directed acyclic graph called a polytree. However, there are many other kinds of directed acyclic graph that are not formed by orienting the edges of an undirected acyclic graph. Moreover, every undirected graph has an acyclic orientation, an assignment of a direction for its edges that makes it into a directed acyclic graph. To emphasize that DAGs are not the same thing as directed versions of undirected acyclic graphs, some authors call them acyclic directed graphs or acyclic digraphs.Directed Acyclic Graph

Source:wikipedia Directed acyclic graph

Feature of DAG technology

Directed acyclic graph is expected as the next generation virtual currency technology.DAG could replace blockchains in the near future, in view of improving scalability issues that are of concern with traditional blockchain technology, and not requiring minors, which may lead to the spread of micropayments. Blockchain technology such as Bitcoin combines a large number of transaction histories into one block, and connects them with one chain.)


On the other hand, DAG has a structure in which each fine transaction is intertwined with each transaction.As a result, DAG is good at scaling and very good at the ability to handle more transactions.In the block chain, mining work by volunteers to verify and approve transaction data such as settlement and remittance occurs, and if mining is successful, BTC is received as a reward.On the other hand, DAG can make remittances at a low charge to allow the trader to confirm the legitimacy of the transaction itself. WNT "weights" transactions based on the "main chain" generated by nodes with the role of 12 "witness" to prevent double payment Because it is determined whether all transactions are valid based on the stable main chain by witness, there is no possibility that the DAG chain will be restructured and the past confirmed transactions will be altered. It is said that so-called stochastic finality problems like Bitcoin (100% no matter how many confirmations can be made can not be reversed) will not occur

Mechanism of block chain

As a platform we are developing, we have a money transfer system that uses DAG's high technology, a disaster information system that implements a chat function, and a WNT support network that can rovide easier support to various support applicants. and We are developing a unique system using the smart contract function.

Disaster information system

※ Discord has already introduced the earthquake alert BOT, and has already started verifying the discovery of problems and benefits.

The disaster information system is a system that collects the latest disaster information, early grasps of the disaster situation, and distributes the information to SNS, apps, and official websites.
In addition, we plan to evolve into a more easy-to-use and functional system with additional functions tailored to your needs.

WNT support network

The WNT support network is a system that allows WNT users to support the support applicants. The purpose is to introduce groups and initiatives that are engaged in disaster recovery support and various support and to widely seek support from WNT users.

The applicants for support will be listed as a new support project on the WNT Support Network System after being reviewed by the World Nuqumority Transporters management team.


  • Support applicant group name
  • Activity content
  • Support applicant information
  • Official site of support applicant
  • Support reception address
  • Others, PR statement

When a support applicant is applied for registration from the registration form on the official website, [Delivery Offer Acceptance], a new support project will be registered in the WNT Support Network System. At the time of registration, processing for posting to [donation request list], processing for creating support case pages, and processing for saving information to the database are automatically executed. Participants can check the contents of the support item page posted in the [donation offer list], and can make a donation to the desired support group Support applicants can convert the collected donations on a virtual currency exchange. The support message function allows you to send support messages to support groups. The WNT support network system aims to develop a service that can be used as one of the contact points for organizations that wish to support it.

In addition to being a virtual currency that WNT can use as donations and support, we will work on the use as a payment method and the spread of systems using DAG technology. In order to make this happen, we will carry out the development of further functions using smart contracts.

World Nuqumority TransportersItemCode

World Nuqumority Transporters is developing a unique feature called "ItemCode" using DAG. "ItemCode" is a system that enables companies to manage their products safely and smoothly. Forging and selling of branded goods is legally punishable for infringement of trademark right. Also, if you know fakes and import fakes, you will be punished by the customs law as well. A brand is a corporate asset that has continually responded to customer expectations. Counterfeit goods can easily destroy the trust that the company has built up. ItemCode can be a technology that plays a very important role in protecting the bonds that connect the brand and the buyer, as well as the exchange between the product and the money.

If you use "Item Code"

For example, suppose that an item code of "wallet-A" is issued to a wallet manufactured by A brand. The wallet is called "wallet-A" and each product is given a Code, and information about the product registered by the manufacturer By linking ItemCode, consumers can instantly judge authenticity and grasp product information. The DAG system introduced by World Nuqumority Transporters has 12 nodes called Witness creating a main chain, and based on the stable main chain by witness it is determined whether all transactions are valid or not, so the DAG chain is restructured and the past It is extremely unlikely that the identified transaction will be altered.

  1. ①We issue ItemCodes tailored to the needs of the company. Companies buy virtual currencies such as WNT or BTC from the market
  2. ②Companies pay us royalty on ItemCode with WNT, BTC or other virtual currency, or cash
  3. ③If you receive cash, BTC or other virtual currency, our company Buy WNT
  4. ④With the consent of the company that introduced ItemCode, donate to support groups on the WNT support network system
  5. ⑤List the names of companies that donated to the WNT support network system

Because of the magnitude of price fluctuations, virtual currency is strongly seen as an investment target, but its understanding as technology has not yet penetrated. In the future, we will gather a large number of companies that can agree with this system, and aim to promote corporate social contribution and the development of technology.

Economic zone by ItemCode


On the practicality of ItemCode

As an example where ItemCode can be used, you can list diamonds that need to be identified. Originally diamonds are made in billions of years time, but now it is possible to artificially create by technological progress. And even experts, it is becoming a difficult stage to easily distinguish natural diamonds from artificial diamonds. When it becomes the latest thing, chemical formula, thermal conductivity, crystal structure, Mohs hardness, density, refractive index, optical dispersion are all the same as natural, it can be distinguished only by nitrogen For that reason, "World Nuqumority Transporters.Llc" aims to give individuality to artificial diamonds in the manufacturing process using "Item code" and to manage them precisely with DAG block chains and "Item code". We can protect the quality and value of natural diamonds and artificial diamonds as part of our business.

ItemCode can also be used as a "serial key". For example, you will need a "Product Key" and a "License Key" along with Microsoft's windows and office software. Purchased software can be used by entering it with "Product key" or "License key" If ItemCode is used, the value stored by contracting using a smart contract is referred to, and it is confirmed whether the condition for unlocking is satisfied. In addition, restricted use can be realized by giving conditions. By recording unmodifiable copyright data in ItemCode as information, copyright protection and licensing are strengthened, and unauthorized use of pirated software and works can be prevented. ItemCode can be used in a wide range according to the needs of a company, and I think it is urgent to put it to practical use.